Supporting Employee Well-being: Behavioral Health And Addiction Recovery

Sep 14,2023

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Infographic: Plan Design And Behavioral Health


Whole-health support encompasses your employees’ total well-being. This means elevating appropriate behavioral healthcare and emotional well-being resources, and supporting employees managing substance misuse issues or navigating addiction recovery. 

Through specialized behavioral health programs, employers can address the unique needs of people with a substance use disorder, utilizing predictive analytics to provide personalized and proactive care when it’s needed most.


Keep reading to learn how you can help your employees while also boosting your organization's financial performance.

Empower workforce well-being through addiction recovery support


Connecting employees to addiction recovery resources means your organization can take a proactive and personalized approach to behavioral healthcare.


By providing them with empathetic support and customized treatments, you could enhance their quality of life, elevate workplace productivity, and reduce your organization’s healthcare expenses.


Why substance use and addiction recovery benefits are important for your organization


17M U.S. adults struggle with both substance use and mental illness.1


94% of people with a substance use disorder (SUD) report they do not receive any treatment.2


Almost 1 in 3 adults suffered from a substance use disorder or mental illness in the past year.3


Substance use disorders cost employer-sponsored health coverage $35.3 billion a year.3


Mental health concerns are 3x more likely to drive employee absenteeism compared to a physical health issue.4


We strive to care for each person’s whole health across their spectrum of emotional well-being needs by:


Managing risk through predictive analytics and proactive engagement.


Connecting employees and their families directly to the right clinical expertise.


Personalizing care to address individual challenges and social drivers of health.


Delivering faster access to the right resources, at the right time.


Behavioral healthcare costs may add up, but preventive care and comprehensive treatments can drive employer savings


  • Untreated behavioral and physical health conditions drive a 77% increase in spend.4
  • In 2022, almost 1/3 of urgent and specialty care video visits were for behavioral health reasons.5 
  • Substance use disorders represented the  third-highest monthly expense, amounting to  $464 per member per month.6 
  • Alcohol consumption accounted for the largest  portion of these costs, totaling 66%.7


How to support employees’ behavioral health and addiction recovery needs


  • Build a benefits plan with enhanced behavioral health offerings, including specific programs addressing substance use and addiction. 
  • Train your workforce and leadership to recognize and support addiction in the workplace, with manager referral programs and similar benefits. 
  • Engage your employees with your mental health benefits through a communications strategy detailing the resources and support available to them. 


Want to learn more about Anthem’s offerings? Contact your representative to learn how an Anthem benefit plan can provide whole-person support for your workplace.


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