Virtual Primary Care: Reimagining How Employees Receive Whole-Person Care

Jan 31,2022

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Virtual Care Patient On a Teleconference Call

Virtual Primary Care & Employee Health: Infographic


Doctors and other healthcare professionals are increasingly adopting virtual primary care and telehealth options to adequately meet the access-to-care needs of today’s healthcare consumer. What’s more, the ability to collect and analyze care data quickly with artificial intelligence (AI) is leading to advanced health analytics, predictive medicine, and faster test results. AI is also helping people engage with their health and improve it by tracking real-time health metrics through wearables and adding that data to the health information viewable to doctors. 

Today, we’re evolving primary care from transactional support to ongoing, whole-person care. Intelligent, digitally enabled primary care experiences allow your employees to receive lower-cost, high-quality care when and where they need it. 


The infographic below shows how virtual primary care can connect your employees to care options that empower them to take charge of their health and have greater confidence in their personal care journey. 



Virtual Primary Care Infographic - ABCBS



The future of healthcare is digital


Virtual primary care reimagines how your employees receive whole-person care.

Disrupting the healthcare ecosystem


A widespread shift away from increasingly expensive yet disparate care options and toward virtual alternatives is driving innovation and evolving care models within healthcare. When it comes to in-person care, consumers are simply paying more for the same care.

  • $1,122 is the average annual out-of-pocket healthcare cost for one person in the U.S. This includes: copays for doctor visits, prescription drugs, and/or healthcare deductibles1
  • 38X higher — the level at which virtual care use has stabilized vs. before the pandemic2


Driving down costs, closing gaps in care


Instead, virtual primary care makes it easier for your employees to focus on their overall health, not just urgent care needs. When employees have convenient and affordable access to care and health resources, they’re more likely to feel confident and protected. The primary care experience has evolved from transactional support to ongoing, whole-person care.


Virtual care doesn’t just work — consumers prefer it.


  • 88% of survey respondents want to continue telehealth services for non-urgent consultations after COVID-19 has passed3
  • 86% of survey respondents say telehealth makes it easier to get the care they need4


Virtual primary care supports whole-person care...


  • Personalized care plan and provider follow-ups
  • Unlimited, simpler-to access to care, including prescription refills and in-network referrals
  • Low or no additional cost, depending on the health plan
  • Convenience and flexibility through digital touch points—a symptom checker, video visits, and chats
  • Personalized insights and recommendations to guide informed health decisions
  • Chat with a doctor 24/7
  • Comprehensive care coordinated by a dedicated team of providers
  • Preventive care through wellness visits and lab screenings


Healthcare + convenience = confidence


Virtual primary care from Anthem is positioned to help control costs and bridge gaps in care through convenient access, personalization, and tighter integration of disparate care systems. The accessibility of virtual care is designed to help your employees take charge of their health and have greater confidence in their personal care journey.

  • Virtual care doctors can spend more time with your employees, delivering care conveniently with no appointment needed.
  • Virtual primary care technology improves efficiencies by providing doctors with valuable data to inform their decisions and help improve health outcomes.
  • Your employees can take less time off work to manage their day-to-day healthcare needs.


Want to learn more about virtual primary care?


Visit or contact your sales representative to learn more about how virtual primary care can make a difference for your employees

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