Why An Employee Assistance Program Is Key To Workplace Well-being

Jun 01,2023

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Meaningful Support For Life’s Most Demanding Moments


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can keep your employees’ work and life challenges from becoming larger issues. It can also help you retain and attract top-notch talent. 

Unpredicted life events and daily stressors affect every person. An EAP program can help significantly improve your employees’ well-being, both at work and at home. EAPs can enhance quality of life and offer valuable resources to support individuals through everyday challenges. Keep reading to learn the ways an EAP can serve your business.



Why an Employee Assistance Program is key to workplace well-being 


Meaningful support for life’s most demanding moments 


An Employee Assistance Program (EAP) can keep your employees’ work and life challenges from becoming larger issues and help you retain and attract top-notch talent.


Explore the benefits of an EAP for your employees and your business

  • Attract and keep top performers by offering more valuable and holistic employee benefits
  • Help employees feel covered, protected, and confident at work and beyond
  • Strengthen your management team with tools that empower a healthy workplace
  • Reduce costs and risk by providing counseling before employees need to use their behavioral health benefits

People want extra support from their employers

  • 63% say their benefits package is a reason they stay with an employer1
  • 70% want their company to do more to support mental health2
  • 67% would take a pay cut in exchange for increased mental wellness support2

A holistic approach to whole-person health


An EAP connects employees to confidential care in simple, effective, and affordable ways. A strong and diverse network of care providers offers access to whole-health support and helps people navigate life’s challenges.


Work and life resources

  • Money, budgeting, and identity theft protection
  • Legal services
  • Parenting tools and insights
  • High-quality child, elder, and pet care location services
  • Tips for a healthier lifestyle

Emotional well-being resources

  • Skills to help cope with stress, anxiety, and depression
  • Resources to deal with grief and loss
  • Digital tools to support emotional health and well-being
  • In-person or virtual visits with a licensed counselor

Promote and protect long-term well-being


You can seamlessly integrate an EAP into your health benefits, connecting your employees to a variety of services that promote emotional well-being, boost health outcomes, and help lower costs of care.

  • Offer a robust EAP with the right resources to help people reach their best through life’s challenges
  • Provide manager and supervisor resources to communicate the value of your EAP and reinforce positive workplace culture
  • Discover how investing in employee well-being helps business outcomes and your bottom line

Want to learn more about Anthem’s offerings?


Visit anthem.com/employer/eap, or contact your representative to learn how an EAP can provide whole-person support for your workplace.


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