Medicare Advantage Plan 2024 Changes

What To Know About 2024 Medicare Advantage Plans


New changes to Medicare Advantage plans (also known as Medicare Part C ) in 2024 provide guidelines to coverage that may affect many beneficiaries. The final rule from the federal government helps insurers like Anthem better serve Medicare Advantage customers with more robust requirements and more consistent policies. Overall, the new changes improve the way Anthem Medicare Advantage plans work for members like you.

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What Are Medicare Advantage Plan Coverage Changes For 2024?


Whether you are an existing Medicare Advantage plan member or new to Medicare Part C, these are just some of the changes you can look for in 2024.


More access to behavioral healthcare

In 2024, changes to Medicare Advantage plans will provide more than just physical care. They will now include better coverage for mental healthcare, too. Medicare Advantage plans in 2024 will be required to provide an adequate network of behavioral healthcare providers, like clinical psychologists and psychiatrists, as well as inpatient psychiatric facilities. So, your Medicare Advantage plan will meet more of your mental health needs.


More health equity

The 2024 updates to Medicare Advantage guidelines will now require plans to better support cultural and language diversity among their members. Medicare Advantage plans will also offer digital health education to their members to make it easier for them to access telehealth services. This will help reduce the gap between members and their healthcare due to technology. 


On-time medically necessary healthcare

New Medicare Advantage changes help members avoid delays and denial of coverage in some healthcare instances.



Why Choose A Medicare Advantage Plan?


The 2024 changes are just some of the reasons to choose a Medicare Advantage plan. As before, these plans provide more coverage than Original Medicare. That’s why more than 32 million are enrolled in a Medicare Advantage plan.*


Along with providing the same coverage as Original Medicare (Parts A and B), Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans may also include:

  • Prescription drug coverage (Part D)
  • Routine dental care, including X-rays, exams, and dentures
  • Vision care, including glasses and contacts
  • Hearing care, including testing and hearing aids
  • Wellness programs and gym memberships, including SilverSneakers® for wellness-dedicated seniors
  • $0 monthly premiums

Compare Medicare Advantage and Original Medicare options. Find a plan that works best for you.



What To Consider When Selecting A Medicare Advantage Plan


When you choose a Medicare Advantage plan in 2024, be sure to compare costs and coverage. Look for a plan that meets your healthcare needs and your budget. Here are a few things to consider:


  • Are your preferred hospitals and preferred doctors included in the Medicare Advantage plan? Doctors and hospitals in a plan’s network can change yearly, so it’s best to make sure your doctor is still in the plan after your initial enrollment.
  • What prescription drugs are covered? You can use our find a drug tool to see what drugs are covered if you need medications. Make sure they are available and affordable under the plan you choose.
  • What are the maximum out-of-pocket costs? Compare your budget with your coverage needs to find a plan that fits you. A lower out-of-pocket maximum may be preferable, so you have peace-of-mind protection for unexpected injuries or illnesses.


Review and compare Medicare Advantage plans



Who Is Eligible For A Medicare Advantage Plan?


If you are applying for Medicare for the first time, you can choose a Medicare Advantage plan during your Initial Enrollment Period (IEP). This is a seven-month period that includes:


  • Three months before your 65th birthday month
  • Your 65th birthday month
  • Three months after your 65th birthday month


If you’re already enrolled in Original Medicare, you can change to a Medicare Advantage plan during the Medicare Annual Enrollment Period, which occurs October 15th to December 7th. 


You also have a chance to change your Medicare Advantage plan from January 1st to March 31st during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period.



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‡Original Medicare: Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Part B (Medical Insurance). 


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Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a Medicare Advantage plan with a Medicare contract. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is a D-SNP plan with a Medicare contract and a contract with the state Medicaid program. Enrollment in Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield depends on contract renewal.