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Member Experience Survey FAQ

April 01, 2024

What to expect from this yearly survey about your health plan

Every year, some Anthem members are selected at random to receive a survey about their experience with us. The Qualified Health Plan Enrollee Experience Survey is sent to those who have individual or family health insurance marketplace plans. People who have Medicare, Medicaid, and Commercial plans receive an alternate member experience survey.

If you’re chosen to participate, you’ll receive the survey by mail or email in the next few weeks. Your answers are completely confidential. The survey answers help us learn how well we’re meeting your needs and expectations.


Q: What is the member experience survey?

A: The member experience survey collects feedback on your experience with your health plan, doctors, and healthcare services in general. It’s given by independent organizations and sent out every year between January and May. The survey answers are anonymous.


Q: Why am I receiving a survey?

A: You may be asked to take this survey because you have health benefits with Anthem. Participants are randomly picked, so not every member will receive it. Anthem does not know who receives or completes the survey.


Q: How will I get the survey?

A: Surveys will arrive either by mail or email. You may get a reminder postcard if you don’t respond soon after you receive it. If you haven’t returned the survey after eight weeks, the survey team may call you to complete the questions by phone.


Q: Who sends the survey?

A: Depending on the type of health plan you have, the survey will come on behalf of your health plan from either the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) or the Center for the Study of Services. Both agencies lead these surveys to give consumers a way to check health plan quality.


Q: What questions will I be asked on the survey?

A: The questions cover topics about healthcare in general, access to care, the services provided by your doctors and your health plan overall.


Q: What are the ratings used for?

A: The survey results are used by CMS and the National Committee for Quality Assurance to calculate star ratings. These star ratings make it easier to compare plans based on quality, consumer experience, health outcomes, and overall satisfaction.


Q: Why is it important to fill out this survey?

A: Anthem uses the anonymous feedback we receive to make our health plans even better. In the past, the feedback has led to improvements such as faster care over the phone and online, easier access to prescriptions with home delivery pharmacy, and better customer service with quicker solutions.


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