Create A Care Plan For A Loved One

Create A Care Plan For A Loved One

It’s a good idea to develop a care plan to keep your caregiving tasks organized. Use the plan to prevent lapses in care and help reduce the stress and uncertainty that sometimes occur when tending to a loved one full-time. 

What Is A Care Plan?


A care plan helps you stay organized with routine care and provide essential information for other caregivers when you are not present. Keep a comprehensive care plan in place so you or other caregivers will always have the proper information.

What Should You Include In Your Care Plan?


Design a caregiving schedule based on your loved one’s personal and medical needs. Your care plan can include:

  • Schedules for bathing and grooming
  • Appointments for doctors, therapists, and other medical office visits
  • A meal plan if your loved one requires a special diet
  • Medication schedule

Develop A Medical Action Plan


Your care plan should also include vital information for receiving help immediately in the event of a medical emergency, such as:

  • Patient information, in case you are not present during a medical emergency
  • Emergency contacts

Learn Health Issue Action Steps


Health issue action steps provide information for managing everyday health.


For example, if your loved one has asthma, make sure they have access to their prescribed inhaler to manage an asthma attack. If they are prone to digestive problems, offer an over-the-counter medicine for relief. 

Why Create A Care Plan?


As a caregiver, a little organization goes a long way to helping make your day easier, stress-free, and a better experience for you and your loved one.