Organize Your Daily Tasks As A Caregiver

Organize Your Daily Tasks As A Caregiver


Manage daily tasks using a step-by-step plan that includes recordkeeping and scheduling. It will make the caregiving experience easier.


Types of tasks include:

  • Managing medicines: Keep track of all the medicines your loved one takes, along with dosages and dose schedules. Be sure to make a note of it when medications change.
  • Routine hygiene and grooming: Stick to a schedule for these tasks to ensure healthy and clean conditions for your loved one. With so much going on in your day, it can be easy to overlook duties like changing bedsheets, shaving, or bathing.
  • Meal planning:  Keep a schedule of regular healthy meals to ensure your loved one is eating well. Take note of all food allergies and doctor-recommended dietary guidelines.
  • Planning appointments:  Part of your caregiver role may involve taking your loved one to the doctor, therapist, or dentist. Use a personal organizer or an organizer app on your phone to keep track of medical visits.


Scheduling A Caregiver Team


Recruit the help of family and friends to provide balance to your role as a caregiver. Create a flexible schedule that allows others to contribute to your loved one’s care. Write the name of helpers responsible for a task that day on a daily planner or calendar. Contact them the day before to make sure they don’t forget.




Prepare For The Unexpected


Keep emergency contacts and numbers handy for yourself and other caregivers.


It also helps to keep a list of what-ifs and steps to take if events like these happen:

  • What if your loved one wanders out of the house?
  • What if your loved one has an adverse reaction to a medication?
  • What if your loved one falls?



Scheduling Time For Yourself


It’s easy to forget about your own needs while you’re focused on your loved one. This can lead to caregiver burnout. That’s why you should always try to schedule some time off — a day or even just a few hours. Let others take over your loved one’s care for a little while so you can take some time to care for yourself.