High-Performance Networks: Transforming How Patients Interact With The Care Ecosystem

Mar 23,2022

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The future of healthcare is integrated: a thriving, interconnected ecosystem fed by data and supported by digital technology. All aspects of healthcare — doctors, health plans, wellness tools, and actionable information — must intersect to work together to deliver a connected, personalized care experience.

High-performance networks help power this ecosystem through doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals who consistently deliver high-quality, patient-centered care that is evidence-based and coordinated. Combining smart technology and collaborative expertise lowers overall healthcare costs while increasing access to virtual and in-person care and treatment options. This meets the ultimate goal of maximizing healthcare value and improving outcomes.


If you’ve been considering a high-performance network plan for your company, the infographic below gives you details about the advantages this type of health plan offers you and your employees.

High-performance networks


Innovation and collaboration lead to network transformation


To truly reimagine the healthcare ecosystem, you need providers, technology, and innovative networks that prioritize quality and affordability, all working together through collaborative expertise.

  • Driving down total cost of care
  • Delivering on affordability
  • Focusing on whole-person care management and wellness strategies
  • Removing social barriers through local solutions and partnerships
  • Shifting members to high-performing providers


Evolving in a digital-first world


New approaches are needed to meet the increasing demand for affordable and empathetic whole-person care. It’s time to rethink healthcare delivery.


Integrated, personalized, and holistic care with the patient at the core


All aspects of healthcare — doctors, health plans, wellness tools, and actionable information — must work together to deliver a connected and personalized care experience.

  • Doctors
  • An integrated, personalized, and proactive health experience
  • Health plans
  • Extensive research and expertise to drive care recommendations
  • Wellness tools
  • End-to-end process integration via automation and artificial intelligence
  • Actionable insights
  • Access to virtual and at-home care models


Transforming how patients interact with the care ecosystem


High-performance networks, one type of narrow network, offer care through curated groups of providers focused on health outcomes. These networks leverage innovative tools and encourage preventive care to provide efficient care delivery, resulting in lower costs for both employers and employees.

  • 18% of large employers today offer their employees a narrow network plan, such as a high-performance network*
  • 73% of large employers today intend to adopt or expand care delivery models such as high-performance networks over the next three years*


Providers in high-performance networks are invested in the long-term health of their patients. They are carefully selected based on factors, such as:

  • Better health outcomes based on national clinical standards.
  • Participation in value-based care models.
  • Accountability for improving outcomes and patient experiences.
  • Efficiency and affordability in care delivery.

Leveraging technology to connect care


A high-performance network should provide on-demand access to lower-cost, higher-value healthcare — ultimately bridging care gaps and providing a better experience.

  • Employers gain optimized reporting tools to help translate complex data into actionable insights, boost workforce productivity, and lower costs.
  • Employees receive an empathetic and personalized care experience — from viewing transparent pricing to engaging in virtual visits — all accessible 24/7 through a single digital platform.
  • Providers are empowered to deliver affordable and high-quality care options to patients.

Combining smart technology and exceptional doctors lowers costs for everyone, while increasing access to care and treatment options.


That’s how we’re reimagining what’s possible for every moment of health.


Contact your representative to learn more about how Anthem is bringing digitally connected networks to life through new, innovative products like Anthem Link.


* WTW: 2020 Health Care Delivery Survey (accessed November 2021): wtwco.com