Empowering Connected, Proactive Employee Support To Reimagine Healthcare

Oct 05,2022

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Transforming Care Delivery: Infographic

Anthem is working to transform health advocacy through Total Health Connections. 


The infographic below shows how we’re innovating to use data and digital technology, provider partnerships, and dedicated family advocates to streamline healthcare experiences, improve outcomes, and help control costs for both you and your employees.

Transforming care delivery through health advocacy

Understanding consumer expectations and industry trends

The healthcare industry is evolving to focus on integrated support centered around collaboration, innovation, and digitization:1

  • 84% of consumers want coordination among their doctors

  • 88% are seeking more personalized care and support

  • 89% would like easier access to care and plan information

  • 75% want to monitor their health through apps or wearable devices

Leveraging robust data to personalize healthcare


Anthem’s unique data set including social drivers of health is one of the largest in the world


150+ internal and external sources provide administrative, community, and social data for 45M current members2


Our advanced predictive model analyzes data from 200M historical members and +10B medical claims records to anticipate future needs and outcomes based on health history2


Empowering proactive, whole-person care


Dedicated advocates connect with employees throughout their healthcare journey — partnering with providers and using insights to offer guidance on the next best action to improve well-being.

  • Technology backed by empathy

    Cohesive technology between care teams helps eliminate information gaps and facilitates intelligent, real-time triage and attentive, predictive support.

  • Caring, trust-based relationships

    Empowered associates inspire trust in every interaction, giving employees and their families the confidence to focus on their health in a proactive, worry-free manner.

  • Collaborative expertise and provider partnerships

    Digital enablement and enhanced integration give providers the whole picture of an employee’s health, so they can do what they do best — deliver high-quality care.

Creating customized digital health experiences


SydneySM Health app: A smart, artificial intelligence-driven health assistant that creates a simple, intuitive, guided, and personalized experience

  • One phone number and one digital front door for all care

  • Chat with live care teams

  • Communicate with advocates

  • Personalized content and health recommendations

  • Connect to virtual care

  • Access digital ID cards

  • Manage benefits and claims

Transforming care through integration


98% of doctors aim to treat their patients with empathy and spend an appropriate amount of time listening to their health concerns yet more than 20% of patients feel their doctor does not spend enough time with them.


Anthem’s new, state-of-the-art advocacy platform removes barriers for health professionals

  • Full integration with electronic medical records (EMRs)

  • A comprehensive view across medical and specialty plans

  • Real-time data sharing to help doctors address immediate needs

  • Predictive insights to prevent future medical problems

To learn more about Anthem’s approach to transforming advocacy for your workforce, contact your Anthem representative.


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