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The Facts About Full-Coverage Dental Insurance


Full-coverage dental insurance plans, sometimes referred to as comprehensive dental plans, cover preventive dental care as well as basic and major dental services. Depending on the plan, comprehensive dental insurance may cover annual checkups and cleanings for you and your family along with other services such as crowns and root canals. However, comprehensive dental plans do not cover 100% of the costs, and there may still be a deductible, copays, and coinsurance.

The Main Types Of Full-Coverage Dental Insurance

Full-coverage dental insurance plans vary by what services and dental procedures are covered, the range of their network of providers, and their cost. Some low-cost dental plans only cover diagnostic and preventive services such as exams, cleanings, and x-rays. Other plans may also cover basic services such as fillings and simple extractions. Consider what type of dental insurance plan meets your coverage needs while also fitting your budget.


Preferred Provider Organization (PPO)


  • PPO dental insurance provides a list of preferred dentists within the plan network.
  • You have the option to go out of network for a favorite dentist. However, you will have higher out-of-pocket costs.


Dental Health Maintenance Organization (DHMO)


  • DHMOs provide a select network of dentists that have agreed to set dental insurance rates, including copays, but you are limited to care from in-network dentists only.
  • DHMOs have no annual maximum benefit or deductible and some procedures have zero out-of-pocket costs. Learn more about maximum benefits below.


Benefit Limits of Full-Coverage Dental Insurance

Most full-coverage dental insurance plans have an annual benefit limit. This is the maximum your plan will pay yearly for dental services. Once you've reached your annual limit, you'll be responsible for 100% of any additional dental services for the rest of the plan year. Some plans have higher maximums, so your out-of-pocket costs could be lower. But keep in mind, higher-maximum plans may also have higher monthly premiums. 


Services And Treatments Covered By Full-Coverage Dental Insurance

While full-coverage plans vary, they usually cover more than just preventive care. Depending on your dental needs, you may consider full-coverage dental insurance plans that cover:


Preventive Care

Preventive care includes bi-annual cleanings, exams, and x-rays. Most full-coverage dental plans cover 100% of preventive care.


Basic Care

Basic care usually covers simple extractions and fillings, certain types of X-rays and other services like oral cancer testing.


Major Restorative Care

Major restorative care includes bridges, crowns, dentures, root canals, complex oral surgeries, and in some cases, implants.



Some dental plans cover orthodontic treatments. Orthodontia coverage is usually limited to children and includes braces or aligners like Invisalign. 


What Does Full-Coverage Dental Insurance Cost?

Depending on the state you live in and how much coverage you want included in your plan, rates will vary. To balance the best coverage with your budget, be sure to consider all the costs involved in your plan:


  • Premium – what you pay monthly for your plan
  • Deductible – what you pay out of pocket for care before the plan begins paying
  • Copay – what you may pay with every visit to a dentist
  • Coinsurance – the percentage of costs you may pay after you meet your deductible
  • Annual maximum – the most your plan will pay for care in a plan year


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