How Much Does Medicare Cost?

Estimating Medicare Costs 


Your annual income determines what you pay for Original Medicare (Parts A and B). Medicare Advantage plans (Part C) and Medicare Part D plans can vary in price based on the coverage provided by the plan you select.


Estimating Medicare costs is the first step to making Medicare work within your personal budget. That means knowing the parts of Medicare — what they cover and what you pay.

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Medicare Cost Terms & Definitions


Here are a few common terms you will come across as you search for Medicare plans.


Premium: The amount you pay for your Medicare plan every month.

Deductible: The amount you pay for covered healthcare services before your Medicare plan starts to pay.

Copay: A fixed fee you pay at time of service for medical expenses covered by your Medicare plan.

Coinsurance: A percentage of the costs you pay for Medicare-covered services after you have paid your deductible.



Medicare Costs At A Glance

Medicare Part A

Medicare Part B

Medicare Part C

Premium is $0 if you paid Medicare taxes. Otherwise, your premium is determined by your income.

Premium is based on your income.

Premium is based on the plan you choose.

Deductible varies year to year.

Deductible varies year to year.

Deductible is based on the plan you choose.

How Much Does Medicare Part A Cost? 


Cost of Medicare Part A


Medicare Part A premium

If you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes, you will probably receive Medicare Part A premium-free. Otherwise, your Part A premium is determined by your annual income.


Medicare Part A deductible

The 2024 Medicare Part A deductible for each benefit period is $1,632.


Medicare Part A essentially provides hospitalization coverage, such as hospital stays, hospice care, and even some home healthcare. 



How Much Does Medicare Part B Cost?


Your Medicare Part B premium is also based on your income. Much like Part A, deductibles change from year to year and can also vary based on your location. 


Medicare Part B premium

$174.70 per month in 2024. The cost can be deducted from your Social Security check, or you can pay Medicare directly.


Medicare Part B deductible

$240 in 2024. This is the amount you are responsible for paying before Part B starts helping to pay your healthcare costs.


Medicare Part B coinsurance

After you pay your deductible, you only pay 20% for most Medicare Part B services during the year.


Medicare Part B provides coverage for outpatient medical care separate from hospitalization. This includes doctor visits, preventive care, X-rays, medical tests and screenings, medical supplies, vaccinations, and other outpatient medical needs.



How Much Does Medicare Part A And B Cost Per Month?


Visit to find out more about your monthly premium.



What Do Medicare Advantage Plans (Part C) Cost?


Your premium, deductible, and cost-sharing for Medicare Advantage plans vary based on the plan. You can compare Medicare Advantage plans to help you find the perfect fit for your budget and healthcare needs.


Medicare Advantage plans offer the same coverage as Parts A and B as well as other benefits Original Medicare doesn't cover. You also benefit from more flexibility when choosing your plan coverage because these Medicare plans come from Medicare-approved private health insurers.


Many Medicare Part C plans include:

  • Prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D)

  • Routine dental care including X-rays, exams, and dentures

  • Vision care including glasses and contacts

  • Hearing care including testing and hearing aids

  • Wellness programs and fitness center memberships



What Does Medicare Part D Cost?


Medicare Part D costs vary by plan. You can sign up for Medicare Part D if you want to add prescription drug coverage to your Original Medicare (Part A and Part B). Original Medicare does not cover prescription medicine, so if you have a health condition that requires regular prescriptions – or if you only need coverage for occasional medications – it's a good idea to review your costs with Parts A, B, and D combined.


Comparing The Costs Of Original Medicare To Medicare Advantage


In many cases, you may pay a lower price if you choose an all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan that includes Part A, Part B, and Part D. These plans also include benefits not provided by Original Medicare like dental, vision, and hearing. Compare Medicare Advantage plans in your area.



What If You Cannot Afford A Medicare Plan? offers Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) and Extra Help. Visit MSP to find out if you qualify.


Do your research and know the costs of Medicare so you can make the smartest choice for your healthcare and your budget.


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