Medicare Flex Cards

What Is A Flex Card For Medicare?


A Medicare flex card such as the Anthem Benefits Prepaid Card gives you convenient access to benefits your plan provides. It works just like a prepaid credit or debit card and can have multiple options for use, including online purchases. Use it for those expenses you are eligible to receive an allowance for such as groceries, over-the-counter health items, and utilities. We make it all easy by pre-loading the card with your spending amounts so it’s ready for use.

Can I Get A Medicare Flex Card From Anthem?


Yes! Anthem’s new Benefits Prepaid Card is a Medicare flex card that gives you spending options that vary by plan and member eligibility. Your flex card makes it easy for you to use your plan benefits to help cover the cost of the things you need, including:

  • Over-The-Counter Health Items — a quarterly spending allowance for everyday purchases such as toothpaste, vitamins, and more at participating retailers

  • Healthy Groceries — a monthly spending allowance for the purchase of healthy grocery items such as fresh meats and vegetables, frozen meats, dairy items, canned goods, and more at participating stores near you

  • Assistive Devices — an annual spending allowance for assistive and safety devices such as handrails, shower stools, and temporary wheelchair ramps

  • Service Dog Support — an annual spending allowance to help pay for items used to care for your ADA service dog such as food, leashes, or vests

  • Flex Account: Dental, Vision, Hearing — an annual spending allowance to help with out-of-pocket costs related to your dental, vision, or hearing needs

  • Flex Account: Utilities — a monthly spending allowance for the payment of utilities including gas, water, electric, cable, or cell phones

  • Flex Account: Active Fitness — a monthly spending allowance for fees required at sports facilities for golf, swimming, tennis, and more

  • OTC + Healthy Groceries — a monthly spending allowance for both over-the-counter health items and groceries

How Do I Get An Anthem Benefits Prepaid Card?


You may qualify for an Anthem Benefits Prepaid Card when you sign up for one of Anthem’s Medicare Advantage plans. These plans combine Medicare Parts A, B, and D and include extras like the Benefits Prepaid Card. Think of your flex card as a perk for having an Anthem Medicare Advantage plan.


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