How Much Does Medicare Part C Cost?

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Medicare Part C Coverage Costs

The cost of Medicare Part C plans (also known as Medicare Advantage plans) varies depending on where you live. Some plans have $0 premiums. On average, your monthly premiums are usually lower than what you pay for Medicare Part B. You still pay for your part B premium, though some Medicare Advantage plans will help with that cost. With a Medicare Part C plan, you receive Part A and Part B coverage plus many other benefits you don't receive with Original Medicare.

A Breakdown Of Your Medicare Part C Costs



Medicare Part C Premiums

Medicare Part C premiums vary, typically ranging from $0 to $200 for different coverage. You still pay for your Part B premium, though some Medicare Part C plans will help with that cost.



Medicare Part C Deductibles

Like premiums, deductibles vary with your plan. Some Medicare Part C plans have separate deductibles for medical care and prescription drugs.



Medicare Part C Copays

Copays are a flat fee for medical services. Some Medicare Part C plans may have a higher copay for healthcare providers not in their plan (i.e., out of network).


Once you calculate the added benefits of a Medicare Part C plan, you may see the value that comes with this type of coverage. In fact, approximately one-third of Medicare enrollees opt for a Medicare Part C plan each year.



What Does Medicare Part C Cover?


Medicare Part C plans offer all the benefits of Original Medicare, plus extra coverage that can save you money, like:

  • Prescription drug coverage (Part D)

  • Routine dental care including cleanings, X-rays, and dentures

  • Routine vision care including contacts and glasses

  • Routine hearing care including hearing aids

  • Fitness benefits including exercise classes



How Much Does Medicare Part C Cost Per Month?


Medicare Part C prices vary from plan to plan and state to state. But there are some basic factors that determine your Medicare Part C costs:

  • The monthly premium of your plan, which typically ranges from $0 to $200

  • How much of your Medicare Part B costs your Medicare Part C plan covers

  • The amount of your copays for various medical services



Who Is Eligible For Medicare Part C?


To be eligible for a Medicare Part C plan:

  • You must be enrolled in Original Medicare (Medicare Parts A and B).

  • You need a Medicare Part C insurance provider that’s offering the coverage you want during your enrollment period.


During enrollment, you can review pricing from Part C insurers such as Anthem and compare Medicare Part C plans. Balance your costs with the coverage that's important to you.



Help With Your Medicare Part C Plan Costs


If you're having trouble finding an affordable plan, you have options. You can receive help with Medicare Part C costs through a  Medicare Savings Program.


If you meet the requirements for low income, disability, or certain chronic health conditions and you are currently enrolled in Medicare Part A and Part B, these programs help pay for Medicare Part C premiums and other costs from your plan.



Can I Change My Medicare Part C Plan?


If you picked a plan that doesn't provide the coverage you need or is too expensive, you have the option to explore other plans once a year. If you currently have Original Medicare, you can use the Annual Enrollment Period  to sign up for a Medicare Part C plan for the first time. During this time, you can also change or drop an existing Medicare Part C plan.


You also have a chance to change your Medicare Part C plan from January 1 to March 31 during the  Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period.



Review Medicare Part C plan costs and coverage. Find a plan that fits you.

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