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Getting Better Care

At Anthem, we know that the relationship between you and your doctor is vital. So we have doctors who take your care to the next level, who take the time to really listen, and who work with you as your partner towards better health. We also have specialized health and wellness programs to help you along. And the leading doctors and facilities in our Anthem family give you the exceptional care you deserve.

Enhanced Personal Health Care

Enhanced Personal Health Care doctors work with you across your whole personal health journey. It’s a way of giving care that encourages doctors to take more time with you — to really understand you and help you to be healthier. They’ll help you manage treatments and prescriptions and coordinate care from other doctors or specialists. Find yours today with Anthem. 

Blue specialists

For specific health concerns, like joint surgery or cardiac care, we have doctors and care centers that are specialized for what you need. We’ve selected the leading doctors and facilities to recommend so that you get the best care. 

Hospitals and other centers of care that meet tough standards for quality may earn the title of Blue Distinction® Center for Specialty Care. We’ve worked with expert doctors to come up with these standards, and every 18 to 36 months, centers must prove that they deserve to keep their Blue Distinction title.

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Programs to keep you at your best

If you have personal wellness goals like managing your weight, staying fit, or eating better, we have lifestyle programs to help keep you healthy and motivated. And if you’re managing a specific health concern, like diabetes or depression, Anthem has support programs that match you with a specialist to work with you and your doctor. They’ll help give you strategies and tools for improving your health or managing your chronic condition. Check out these programs for Anthem members, and take advantage of these resources designed just for you.

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And we’re getting better all the time

By learning from feedback, making new program developments, and bringing new doctors and facilities into our family, we continually pursue our goal of getting better all the time. Log in to learn more about how we’re improving your membership or read an overview in the PDF below.

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