Individual And Family Health Insurance Guide

Understanding Health Insurance

Navigating the world of health insurance can be challenging. How much does health insurance cost? How do I choose a plan? What’s a health insurance subsidy? When is open enrollment?


We’ve put together a series of articles to answer just those questions – and make finding health insurance easy and stress free.

How To Choose A Health Insurance Plan

Knowing the essentials will help you choose the health insurance plan that’s right for you or your family.

How The American Rescue Plan Could Help You Save

The American Rescue Plan lowers the premiums for many people who enroll in or currently have an Affordable Care Act (ACA) marketplace plan. See if you qualify.

Understanding Health Insurance Subsidies

You can save with a health insurance subsidy. Find out if you qualify.

Balancing Health Insurance Costs

The cost of health insurance can be a big part of your family budget. Find out how to balance the cost against your coverage and benefits.

Open Enrollment For Health Insurance

When life changes, your health insurance should keep pace. Open enrollment is the ideal time to make changes to your health insurance plan.

Health Insurance For The Unemployed

Losing a job can be difficult. But it doesn't mean you have to lose health coverage for yourself or your family.

Qualifying Life Events For Health Insurance

Certain life changes – or qualifying events – can mean you're eligible to change your health insurance options outside of the annual open enrollment period.

Marketplace Health Insurance: How It Works

Find health insurance coverage that fits your needs and your budget on the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Learn How Premium Tax Credits Help You Save

Get the details of premium tax credits and find out if you are eligible to save on your Marketplace health insurance coverage.

Special Enrollment For Health Insurance

Learn about Special Enrollment Periods and how to sign up for health insurance outside Open Enrollment.

Understanding Health Insurance Metal Levels

Know the difference between the four Health Insurance Marketplace metal levels and what it means for your coverage.

Enrolling Eligible Dependents

Learn the requirements for adding dependents to your marketplace family plan. Find out which family members are eligible for health coverage and enrollment.

ACA Family Glitch Fix

A new rule has fixed the ACA family glitch that disqualified many families from health insurance subsidies. Learn how this affects your family at Anthem.

What is an HMO?

Learn what an HMO health plan is, how it differs from a PPO, what the benefits of HMOs are, and whether they're right for you at Anthem.

Health Insurance Glossary

Consult our glossary for definitions of common terms used when discussing health insurance coverage at Anthem.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

The three basic health insurance plans are HMOs, PPOs, and EPOs. Learn more about each type of plan and what kind of coverage they offer at Anthem.

Know Your Early Retirement Health Insurance Options

Find health insurance coverage that fits your early retirement plans.

Choosing Employer (Group) Or Individual Health Insurance Coverage

Decide whether an employer or individual health insurance plan is a better fit for your healthcare needs.

What To Know About High-Deductible Health Insurance

Find out if a high-deductible health insurance plan is right for you.

Understanding The Cost Of Family Health Insurance

Explore all the costs to find the plan that provides the health insurance coverage your family needs.

Open Enrollment for Health Insurance in 2024

Find important information you need to know about the Open Enrollment Period to get health insurance coverage for the 2024 term.

What is a Silver Health Plan?

Discover key features and offerings of Silver Plan health insurance to help you decide if a Silver Plan is the right choice for you and your family.

What is a Bronze Health Plan?

Understand key features of Bronze plans, including what’s covered, associated costs, and benefits, to decide if this type of plan meets your needs.

What is a Gold Health Plan?

Explore important information about Gold plans to understand more about the benefits they offer and whether a Gold plan may be the right option for your needs.

Understanding Cost-Sharing Reductions in Health Insurance

Understand how cost-sharing reductions work, the eligibility requirements, and how they may help you save on your health plan.

Understanding Private Health Insurance

Understand private health insurance for individuals and families and how it compares to public health insurance coverage.


Dental And Vision Insurance


Dental and vision coverage are a little different from your health insurance plan. This guide can help answer your important questions about costs, coverage, and waiting periods.

Find The Right Plan For You

Compare health insurance plans and find one that fits your needs.

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