Health Insurance for Young Adults

What to Know About Young Adult Health Insurance


One of the most critical decisions young adults can make is choosing the right health insurance. The world of healthcare coverage can appear daunting, but it's a vital step toward safeguarding your well-being.


This article explores health insurance options for young adults and offers guidance on how to make informed choices that suit your unique needs and circumstances. As you’re navigating insurance coverage, understanding your options is key when choosing a healthcare plan.

Health Insurance For Young Adults Under 26


For young adults under the age of 26, there are several health insurance options to consider:

  • Parents’ plans: Many individuals in this age group can remain on their parents' health insurance plan. This option often provides reliable coverage as you transition into adult life.
  • Employee-sponsored plans: Some young adults may choose to enroll in employer-sponsored health insurance if the plan offers a high level of coverage.
  • Individual and family health plans: Available on the Healthcare Marketplace or directly through insurers, there are a variety of plans that fit specific needs and budgets. Marketplace plans also offer the opportunity to qualify for subsidies to help lower the cost of coverage.
  • Medicaid: In some cases, this government health insurance program may be an option for individuals and families with limited income. 

Understanding these health coverage choices and their respective benefits is essential for young adults as they navigate the complexities of health insurance.



How Long Can You Stay On Your Parents’ Insurance?


The Affordable Care Act (ACA) allows you to stay on your parent’s plan until you’re 26 years old, regardless of whether you get married, become a parent, attend school, or have access to employer-sponsored coverage. 


Additionally, whether your parents claim you as a dependent on their taxes or you live independently should not have an impact on your ability to stay on a parent’s plan either, as long as you’re under 26 years of age. 



Health Insurance For Young Adults Over 26


If you’re 26 years old or older, you are no longer eligible to stay enrolled on your parent’s plan, but you have other options for health coverage. Just as you did before age 26, you may be able to get health insurance through an employer-sponsored plan, an individual and family plan, or Medicaid (if you’re eligible). 



Is Health Insurance Worth It For Young Adults?


The benefits of young adults having health insurance is worth it. Even if you live a healthy lifestyle, having insurance gives you access to regular care to help maintain your wellness. It also offers a safety net in case of an unexpected health emergency. Health coverage can provide invaluable peace of mind and help you plan financially, since you’ll have a better sense of the costs associated with your plan and care needs.

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