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Check Your Coverage and Find Care in One Convenient Place

It’s important you always have access to your plan, for your health and your peace of mind. When you sign up at, you can see all your plan details online. This makes it easy to:

And, if you have a question after-hours, you can send us a secure message from your online account. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Sign Up in a Few Simple Steps

Register with the member number on your ID card to access your plan online.

Take Advantage of All Your Benefits

Living your healthiest life is about more than just doctor visits. As an Anthem member, you have benefits that support your daily needs too. Most of our Medicare plans come with a SilverSneakers membership, so you can take fitness classes at home or at a gym, for free.

Take a look at your plan benefits

Check if Your Plan Has Essential Extras

Essential Extras is a benefit we include at no extra cost to you. Pick a free service that makes your life a little easier, such as:


Up to 30 rides to health appointments each year

Personal Home Helper

A health aide to help with housework or other daily needs

Health and Fitness Tracker

A fitness tracking device and online brain exercise program to help with memory and attention

Meal Delivery

Healthy food delivered to your door

24/7 Health Care with Virtual Visits

With a virtual visit (or telehealth), you can use your smartphone or computer to see a doctor from your home. For our Medicare Advantage members, LiveHealth Online is free. Sign up for 24/7 access to medical doctors, allergists, mental health professionals, healthy lifestyle coaches, and more.

Our plans also have 24/7 Nurse and Pharmacy lines, in case you have a question after-hours. Check the back of your ID card for these numbers.

Preventive Care Screenings to Stay Your Healthiest

Many of our Medicare Advantage plans include preventive and routine care, such as dental, vision, and hearing exams, and health screenings like colonoscopies. These benefits help you maintain your health, especially if you catch issues early on while they are easy to treat.

Make a Caregiver Account

If you’re providing care and support to someone with an Anthem Medicare plan, you can make a caregiver account. This allows you to access that person’s care in one easy place – online. You can find doctors and hospitals, manage medications, pay bills and more, on behalf of the person for whom you’re caring.

To make a caregiver account, first log in to the member’s account. Then, designate yourself as a caregiver in the Privacy & Access section of the member’s profile.

There is also additional Medicare caregiver assistance and resources available to help family members.

Something Not Quite Right?

We hope you're always happy with your coverage. But if there's something that's not quite right, please contact us and we'll do our best to help fix the situation.

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