Understanding Medicare Advantage Plans Guide

Learn About Medicare Advantage Plans


This guide will help you decide if a Medicare Advantage plan is the best choice for your health needs and budget. You’ll find out about how they work, what’s included and when you can enroll.

Medicare Advantage vs. Original Medicare

Consider which option best meets your health needs and budget.

About Medicare Enrollment

Discover important Medicare enrollment periods and deadlines.

Medicare Advantage Enrollment

Get details on when and how to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

Medicare Advantage Plan Options

Explore the Medicare Advantage plans and options available to you. 

Essential Extras

Our Medicare Advantage plans feature Essential Extras benefits at no added cost.

Medicare Flex Cards

Enjoy convenient access to benefits your plan provides.

No-Cost Fitness Program

Stay healthy with a no-cost SilverSneakers®️ fitness membership.

Does Medicare cover dental?

Original Medicare doesn't cover preventive dental treatment. Find out how Anthem can help fill this gap.

Does Medicare cover vision?

Original Medicare doesn't usually cover routine vision exams or eyewear, but Anthem offers you options.

Pros and cons of Medicare Advantage

Get help deciding if a Medicare Advantage plan is right for you.

Medicare Advantage 2023 Changes

Discover what's new in 2023 for Medicare Advantage plans.

Medicare HMO vs. PPO

Learn about important differences between a Medicare HMO and PPO plan.

Get the facts on Medicare vs. Medicaid

Learn more about these programs and who qualifies for each.

Medicare Prescription Drug Information Guide

Find out how prescription drugs are covered under Medicare plans.


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