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Anthem Member Needs

As an Anthem member, your online account offers access to information about your plan whenever you need it. Register today or log in to view your benefits, check claims, find care or start a Live Chat with us. You can also download the Sydney Health app to access your information and chat on the go.

Manage Your Anthem Benefits

Your online account is the place to check your benefits and know how much you are covered for services and prescriptions. You can also estimate costs and change your coverage with a different plan.

Check benefits

Not sure if a procedure is covered? Log in to your account to know if you are covered, and learn how much you may need to pay.

Review your benefits

Find care & estimate costs

Search for doctors that are covered by your plan in the Find Care tool. You can also compare care options and get estimated costs to help you understand what you may have to pay before you go to your doctor.

Find care

Manage prescriptions

Locate a pharmacy in your plan, switch to convenient home delivery, price a medication, and much more.

Manage your prescriptions

Change coverage

Are you a member looking to renew your coverage? If you have an individual or family plan with Anthem, you can renew or shop new plans and switch during open enrollment.

Change your coverage

Pay Your Bills

Monthly payments

With insurance, you make monthly payments for your plan. As an Anthem member, you can set up bill pay for convenient, automatic payments to be made through your online account. If you’re a brand new member, and you just selected a plan, you’ll need to pay your first month’s bill before coverage starts.

Make your first payment


When you go to the doctor, they send us a claim for services. We’ll take the claim, or bill, and pay our part. Sometimes, you’ll owe a part of the bill as well. We’ll let you know based on what your plan covers. Check your online account to find out.

Review your claims

ID Cards

When you sign up for an Anthem plan, we will send you an ID card in the mail. Use this card whenever you go to the doctor so that they can look up your insurance information. If you lose your card, you can always request a new one and print out a temporary ID card online.

Download the Sydney Health App

Quickly access your benefits details and explore ways to stay healthy ‐ all in one place.

  • Access your digital ID card. It works just like the one you get in the mail.
  • Find care providers near you. Sydney can even connect you to a doctor online for a video visit.
  • Receive immediate assistance with 24/7 support
Download the Sydney Health app and log in with your Anthem username and password to learn more ways Sydney can make your health care experience easier.

Sydney Health is accessible for members who use the Engage Wellbeing app, but features are limited.

Sydney Health Mobile Image

Something Not Quite Right?

We hope you are always happy with your coverage. If something is not quite right, please contact us and we will do our best to help fix the situation.

Get help with a complaint