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What to Know: Anthem's Health Care Services

When you use your health care services, there are some important things to know that could save you time and money, and keep you feeling your best. Here, you’ll learn about the best place to get care when you have a basic, urgent or emergency medical need. You’ll learn the best ways to prepare for your doctor’s appointment, and you can even get a personalized set of preventive care milestones with our Preventive Health Calendar. Let’s get started.

Deciding Where To Get Care

When you need care right away, you might be surprised to know that there are lots of places to go for help instead of the ER. An Urgent Care Center can treat many things that people often take to the Emergency Room. And if your injury or illness is minor, like a rash or cold, you can even get help online. Check out your options below. In general, it’s always a good idea to call or go see your primary care doctor when you can. And of course, if you have an injury or illness that you feel is threatening your life or your health, you should go to the ER right away.

  • Live Health Online

  • Retail Health Clinic

  • Doctor's Office

  • Urgent Care

  • Emergency Room

Live Health Online

See a doctor or therapist without leaving your home!

  • Cost:
  • Time:
  • Severity:
Best For:

Flu, allergies, fever, sinus infections, diarrhea, pinkeye and other eye infections, skin infection or rash

Talk to a doctor now

Retail Health Clinic

Visit your local retail clinic for flu shots or help with mild rashes, fevers, or colds.

  • Cost:
  • Time:
  • Severity:
Best For:

Rash, minor burns, cough, sore throat, shots, ear or sinus pain, burning with urination, minor fever, cold, minor allergic reactions, bumps, cuts and scrapes, eye pain or irritation

Doctor's Office

Your doctor’s office is a great place for scheduled care and check-ups, and you should try them first during office hours in a non-life-threatening emergency.

  • Cost:
  • Time:
  • Severity:
Best For:

Mild asthma, rash, minor burns, minor fever or cold, nausea, diarrhea, back pain, minor headache, ear or sinus pain, cough, sore throat, bumps, cuts and scrapes, minor allergic reactions, burning with urination, shots, eye pain or irritation

Find a doctor

Urgent Care

Urgent Care is accessible in many communities at all hours of the day and night. Doctors and nurses can help with non-life-threatening but urgently-needed care quickly.

  • Cost:
  • Time:
  • Severity:
Best For:

Sprain and strains, nausea or diarrhea, ear or sinus pain, minor allergic reactions, animal bites, back pain, cough, sore throat, mild asthma, burning with urination, rash, minor burns, X-rays, minor fever or cold, stitches, eye pain or irritation, minor headache, shots, bumps, cuts and scrapes

Find an urgent care center

Emergency Room

You should always go to the ER if you believe your life or health is in danger. However, for less severe injuries or illnesses, the ER can be expensive and wait times can average over 4 hours.

  • Cost:
  • Time:
  • Severity:

Always call 911 or go the Emergency Room (ER) if you think you are having a real emergency or if you think you could put your health at serious risk by delaying care.

Things to Know When Visiting Your Doctor

Your appointment

  • Bring your ID card or have your digital ID handy on the Sydney Health mobile app. If you don’t have one, you can log in to request one and print a temporary card.
  • Tell your doctor about any allergies, current medications you take, and your general health history.
  • Ask questions. If you don't understand something during your visit, ask for an explanation.
  • If you’re unsure whether you’re covered for your visit, call the number on your card beforehand. You may require pre-approval.

Filling your prescriptions

  • Write down your prescription name and dosage for your own records.
  • Drop off your prescription at your local pharmacy.
  • When you pick up your prescription, make sure that it matches the original doctor request and check that it matches the description on the bottle.
  • Double-check with your pharmacist if your new RX has any interactions with other medications you might take.
  • You may be able to get your prescriptions by mail order and delivery to your door. Log in to find out.

Doctor Bills

Doctor bills can get a little complicated. Let us break it down for you so that you know what you’ll have to pay, and when.

Your Health Care Calendar

Preventive care is an important part of your overall health. Find out the recommended screening and vaccine schedule recommended for you and your age group and gender. There are also unique guidelines if you are  pregnant.

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